Managed Cloud Services in the Era of Cloud Computing

Embrace the Cloud with Confidence with our fully integrated set of cloud based management services.

Simplify Maintenance

Access your applications from different places, making the maintenance process easier, and more efficient.

Improve your Security

Centralized Data that will help you avoid loosing control of your information security.

Reduce your operating costs

Reduce infrastructure costs while providing compute and storage capacity on demand

Increase productivity

Our preventative measures will ensure that your applications are always running at its optimal level, so that you can focus on what is important: Profits!

Create Your Custom Managed Cloud Services package today

We give you the ability to create your own package as far as lines, users, mobile compatability and much more! You don’t need to be limited in terms of hardware or software when you work with us. Here are some other customization options we offer our clients.

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    Standarized Virtual Server Configuration

    Empower your team by allowing multiple computers to log in to a single very powerful server via remote connections. Each user processes a unique account with their own personal workspace, plus applications.

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    Disaster Recovery

    This plan ensures your business will stay active in the event of a disaster that destroys part or all of your business’s resources, including equipment, data records or the physical space of your organization.

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    Multi-Cloud Strategy

    A solid Multi-Cloud Strategy can improve the performance of your enterprise by using different infrastructures to meet the needs of different partners and customers.

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    Cloud Migration

    Our Cloud Migration Service provides a secured, smooth and rapid migration of your organization’s cloud-ready applications to an enterprise cloud.

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    Operating System Management

    We help your company focus on the immediate goals by removing the stress of daily IT activities. Let us do the heavy work that includes managing security, configuration, updates, access and more!

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    Remote Infrastructure Management

    Let us take on the heavy load of managing your company IT infrastructure including workstations, servers, network devices & storage devices; without the need of scheduling appointments or weekly visits from our team. All our work is done remotely so you don’t deviate from your daily activities.

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    Database Management

    Let us improve your current database management operations and bring down your total cost of ownership. We are fully capable of working with technologies such as Oracle,  SAP DBA, SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, MySQL, and Database Appliances.

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    Platform Management

    Our team can help you avoid software problems before they occur and resolve them more quickly when they do happen to reduce operations interruptions. We are ready to handle your platform design as well as  configuration management, software packaging and distribution.