Innovative VoIP Features To Take Your Business Mobile

Mobile is now the big player in the industry as more people use mobile devices more than any other. It’s imperative that all your applications are accessible from your mobile device while you’re on the go. Let take a look at a couple features that can keep you involved while you’re out and about.

Remote Access

Having remote access to your VoIP system is the first step in taking your business mobile. Various VoIP solutions can go mobile as long as they’re working with a cloud-based product. It’s important to make sure that your employees can also access these solution via their mobile device. It’s also imperative to keep security as a concern when making these changes to your VoIP system.

Mobile Apps

VoIP systems feature apps that are compatible with iOS and Android devices which are the phones most of your employees have. These apps will let users engage in video confrences, send and receive phone calls, three ways and much more. Some apps lack user friendliness so make sure that the app you choose caters to the employees who use the app on a daily basis. It’s an easy way to stay informed on different projects while on the go.

Screen Sharing

Screen Sharing is a great tool to have while you’re on the go. You can see the work of your peers and critique it in real time from outside of the office. It’s like having FaceTime for business! It also help so keep clients in the loop with a visual representation of where the project is going by.

Even if your entire office has smart phones, it isn’t enough for all of you to stay connected without some sort of cloud-based VoIP solution. It lets all employees stay connected while on the go and never miss a moment in the office. You’ll never be late to a meeting or miss a deadline ever again.

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